Vibes Vol.1 – Gacha feat. Tusya Beridze

photo and review:

Stream: Gacha “The Watchmen Saw the Light”

24 Jan 2014 — Tonje Thilesen

After two years of almost complete silence, Berlin-via-Georgia instrumentalist and producer Gacha returns with his second release on R&S Records’ subsection Apollo Records, following the splendid UK garage infused 12″ single (B-side) “Bowl” back in 2012. His new EP The Watchmen Saw The Light starts off with the stellar ambient ballad “Saysea”, featuring Natalie Beridze (TBA) on vocals, giving us a clear reminisce of Destroyer’s “Bay Of Pigs”, but quickly escales both in atmospherics and rhythm throughout the EP’s six tracks. On track 5 and 6, however, Gacha leaps back into his love for garage, though clearly infused with his cinematic, Jon Hopkins -esque trademark.

The EP set to release on Apollo Records on January 27th.



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