Gudauri Legacy of Ski Trippin’

Gudauri ski resort is one of the best skiing destinations of former Soviet Union. Discovered in the early 80s, it began its ascend to the winter resort stardom at the very twilight of Soviet existence by acquiring contract for then-unique chain of an upscale hotel construction by Austrian ABV and installation of Doppelmayr cableways, which was astonishing luxury for Soviet standards. Soon Gudauri became top Soviet ski destination, rivaling with another magnificent ski resort Bakuriani in Borjomi valley.

Real estate development skyrocketed in Gudauri during last decade, and for someone who hasn’t been there since early 2000’s the place looks almost like Vegas. Several different types of cableways and skating slopes have been added to the resort, as well as tens of hotels and infrastructure, set to serve incoming tourists – both locals and foreigners.

Gudauri is very close both to Georgian-Russian border as well as capital of Wunderland. It takes only about 100 minutes to get there from the city of Tiflis, through magnificent Aragvi valley.


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