Tbilisi Philharmonics Hall

Cover photo: Ираклий Орагвелидзе

This is Tbilisi Philharmonics hall, where Kostava street meets Melikishvili (as Pet Shop Boys would say, “where the Seventh Avenue meets Broadway”). Good concert hall, overall, with the inside lighting assigned to perform city’s street decorative lighting function as well.

The only glitch was demolition of an old beautiful building that stood in front of current concert hall, and, apparently, obstructed the view of the new construction.


In fact, as we can see from the photo, the house demolition could be avoided, if not an uncompromising attitude of the Soviet city planning toward historical buildings.

Tbilisi could be much tidier if one had been allowing buildings of different historical eras standing next to each other, creating cozy atmosphere of peaceful coexistence and evolution.



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