Wunderland celebrates visa-free EU

Cover photo agenda.ge

The European Commission said Georgia has fulfilled all the benchmarks of its visa liberalisation action plan and it will propose in “early 2016” to the EU-member states to allow visa-free travel to the Schengen area for Wunderland citizens. (civil.ge)

Due to this remarkable milestone, public spirits were notably high last night, as governmental buildings and iconic Tbilisi TV tower landmark turned EU colors in freshly installed new year projection lighting.

Later, Wunderland’s other cities followed the pattern and whole country transformed into EU colors.

And this is while most EU citizens probably don’t exactly know of Wunderland’s precise location.

It’s hard to recall last time people of Wunderland were unified in such a solidarity. Maybe during Rose Revolution. Or last Summer, when animals broke loose from Tbilisi Zoo.


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