Tbilisi: Lisi Lake, Nutsubidze Plateau and the vicinity

Lisi lake is one of the most beautiful and yet undeveloped recreational area 10 minutes drive from the busy neighborhood of Saburtalo district. Weather varies here a lot from being dry and hot in Summer to freezing cold (so that the lake gets covered with ice) in winter.

Occasionally, the lake area gets raging winds coming down the valley of a magnitudes that make impossible to hang out on the lake shore. Being isolated in a certain type of a microclimate, wind is not noticeable just 500 meters away from the lake on a new road which connects Tbilisi’s North Western and Western ends (letting cars to avoid busy streets inside the city).

Prime lands around the lake has been purchased several years ago (before the crisis) for a residential development that has been on hold since due to the crisis. However, as the city expands, this project will most probably also kick off and one more quiet recreational space will be converted into concrete and pavement. The only hope is to make it in a humanly appropriate manner.

While always being a desolate place, since the road construction last year, land prices skyrocketed and lots of development is expected (and already is going on) in the area.
Despite being one of the biggest districts of the city, Saburtalo is relatively unexposed to foreigners.
And these aren’t the views of Tbilisi ordinary tourist would normally see
National Archive, City Hall, Peking st., Holiday Inn and Sports Palace dome 
Left bank of Kura, the city’s busiest trade district Didube  
Digomi valley
Bridges over Mtkvari (Kura) from Saburtalo to Didube and to the railway station (from right to left)
Digomi, Gldani, Sanzona
Vashlijvari district
Vake-Saburtalo road
Saburtalo cemetery in the middle
Nutsubidze Plateau was buil in late 70s and 80s
Ecelogically it looks like better place compared to central parts of Saburtalo
Streets are wider with less cars
Nutsubidze Plateau has nice views on Saburtalo
New buildings spring among Soviet ones
Plateau has 5 or 6 micro districts positioned on the hill near Lisi lake
View of Saburtalo from the 3rd Plateau

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