Dmanisi (natural and archaeological wonders)

From Wikipedia:

Dmanisi (Georgian: დმანისი) is a townlet and archaeological site in Kvemo Kartli region of Georgia approximately 93 km southwest of the nation’s capital Tbilisi in the river valley of Mashavera. The town of Dmanisi is first mentioned in the 9th century as a possession of the Arab emirate of Tbilisi, though the area had been settled since the Early Bronze Age. An Orthodox Christian cathedral – “Dmansis Sioni” – was built here in the 6th century. Located on the confluence of trading routes and cultural influences, Dmanisi was of particular importance, growing into a major commercial center of medieval Georgia.

In this post, you will be able to see one of the remarkable archaeological sites of Dmanisi. Namely, the place, where early human fossils, dubbed Homo georgicus, were found between 1991 and 2005. At 1.8 million years old, H. georgicus may have been a separate species of Homo, predating Homo erectus, and represent the earliest stage of human presence in the Caucasus.

Entrance to the Dmanisi archaeological site
Still active, the archaeological site is well taken care of
Some useful info
In Summer Dmanisi archaeologiecal camp hosts foreign students where they earn credits
Dmanisi site has many supporters: BP and Rolex among them
Models of legendary early Hominids Zezva and Mzia – dubbed as “First Europeans”
The site is guarded 24/7
Dmanisi ground, as many places in Georgia, is loaded with undiscovered archaeological treasures
Direction indicators to various cultural monuments and sites positioned close to each other
Stunning view from Dmanisi castle
Muslim burial sites of the later period
Students head to the Dmanisi archaeological base (it may have different name officially, though)
Dmanisi has gorgeous, distinct aura
The camp personnel prepares table for lunch
View of the site from the camp
Second floor of the base has several rooms
View of dmanisi castle from the base
Road to Dmanisi base
In a separate building storage and field laboratory is organized
Some drawings outside the laboratory/storage facility
Guests and hosts having lunch together. Great place to be.
Sun blinds ones eyes. Perfect time to slip into unconscious nap.
Remnants of one more civilization – parts of the road made by Soviets.
Remarkable landscape around
Some odd settlements in the middle of nowhere. Most probably miners’ town where there used to (and still do) mine gold. No wonder the valley was rich with ancient settlements.
Locals selling produce
Gorgeous landscapes slide next to the window
Small towns in passing
Railroad to Armenia
Police force relocations
Livestock crossing the road near Tbilisi
Approaching the city
First apartment blocks when entering Tbilisi vicinity from the South-East

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