Gombori Road via Tbilisi Sea to Telavi

The reportage covers trip by car from western part of Tbilisi by a newly renovated shortcut road to Telavi (Kaketi region) via Tbilisi Sea. Tbilisi Sea road circumvents the capital from north, avoiding the traffic inside the city, while crossing it from east to west). Photos taken on November 22, 2011;

Gombori road was opened festively by president himself
Gombori road is by approx. two thirds shorter than alternate one to Telavi
These villages were cut from civilization for decades due to lack of traffic
Ujarma fortress; some parts of it dating back 3rd cent. BC
During Soviet times this road was restricted zone with many “army locations”
…and other important facilities
Curves and fluctuating altitudes makes the road quite exhausting
The road construction motorpool
Former Telavi cinema building in the city center. Now a bank.
Lobby of the Vazha-Pshavela State Drama Theater in Telavi
Built by Soviets, it was recently renovated
Locals say Telavi hosted many cultural events in the past
Local municipality
One of the streets
One of the oldest restaurant/hotel in town under renovation
Building on one of the central streets
Near the market
Back to Tbilisi
Airport highway
New apartments built for Georgian military personnel families
Little bit of Tarkovski mood mixed with Strugatskis
White Soviet utopia of Varketili district
Bootlegged meat
Tbilisi Sea eastern part
Mixed crowd
Livestock on the noone’s land near the sea
Tbilisi Sea is artificial water reservoir for the capital
“Tbilisi Sea Yacht Club”
Local Stonehenge – not many Tbilisians have actually been there
Stonehenge-type sculpture depicting Georgian history and folklore by Zurab Tsereteli
Shining BMWs…
Temka – named after Tbilisi Lokomotiv Repair Factory
Descending from the Sea to Tbilisi, first apartment houses in Temka district

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