Poti and surroundings (West Georgia)

These pictures (of April, 2010) of Poti do not depict the city in its entirety, rather showing only very modest portion of what Poti really looks like.

Poti porbably is the only city in Georgia that actually was planned and built as a city – with the center and radial avenues (something like Washington DC).

The city has become a central export/import maritime hub, especially in recent years, after modernization of customs’ facilities. It has many beautiful buildings that, hopefully, will be reported on “This is Georgia” in the nearest future.

Area near Poti port, cleared up for rehabilitation
Still lots of crumbling Soviet construction around
Old storage buildings near port
Half-demolished structures
Church dome being constructed
Dwelling either for workers or church personnel
Bank space for rent
One of the streets
Mosaic from Soviet times
Boulevard in the modern Soviet district near port
Southern exit from Poti to Maltakva
Old Soviet water sports complex near Poti
In the early 90s European championship for waterskiing  was held here
Lots of abandoned structures around the lake
Bridge to nowhere
Writing says “TAEKWANDOO”
People come here for fishing and silence
Poti Memorial in Maltakva
Poti port
Dozens of Russian “Ladas” destined for Armenia
Kafkaesque structure near port

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