Towns of Eastern Georgia (contd.) – Bolnisi, Telavi and Rustavi

Club house building in Bolnisi park
Soviet era amusement park electric cars
Entrance to the Bolnisi municipal park
Bolnisi theater lobby
Bolnisi theater hall
Bolnisi theater facade. Play announcement: “Nugzar and Mephistopheles”
On the road near Bolnisi
Ambitious construction in Rustavi
Newly renowated road to Kakheti – “Gombori Road”
Approaching Telavi
Beautiful road in the forest
Entrance to the Telavi municipal park Nadikvari
Amphitheater in Nadikvari
Telavi fortress, Georgian king Erekle II’s residence
Telavi is famous for its panoramas
Renovated Telavi state drama theater. The town has one of the oldest Georgian theater schools.
Many buildings await their turn for either sale or renovation.
“European style” rooms upstairs
President himself was said to be planning opening the place
Soviet industrial monster Rustavi city
Workers moved to Rustavi as huge metallurgical factory was erected by Soviets here after the WWII
Rustavi is closest and largest cities next to the capital and has lots of potential
Disintegrating during 90s, the city has returned to better shape
The city’s old part has many spacious Stalin-era buildings
Old Rustavi
Old Rustavi
City Mayor’s Office
Theater building in Old Rustavi
Wild green square neat the theater
Dry fountain
Another square across the mayor’s office
TBC Bank branch
Leaving Rustavi in a warm Summer evening: sheltering desert sky

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